About Les Éditions CEC

Bring to life concepts varying from very simply to very complex. Spark intellectual curiosity. Allow everyone to acquire knowledge and skills. This is the educators’ daily role.

Act as a liaison between educators and the best authors. Communicate. Explain. Illustrate. Transmit culture. This is the publisher’s role.

Together, you who are responsible for leading your school, and we, Les Éditions CEC, Quebec’s leading educational publisher, can take on our role as educational leader proudly and successfully.


Founded in 1956, Les Éditions CEC publishes, disseminates and distributes works for all levels of education, from kindergarten to university. It now offers school manuals dealing with all essential subjects taught in Quebec’s educational institutions. Les Éditions CEC publishes reference works: grammars for French and English courses, literary anthologies, dictionaries and atlases. An education and didactics collection completes the catalogue.

Although Quebec remains its main market, the reputation of Éditions CEC extends far beyond the limits of one single province, its works being used throughout Canada, the United States, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Les Éditions CEC has a rich catalogue of more than 1,600 titles, and distributes more than 6,200 different works. The house has always been renown for the very high quality of its publications. Furthermore, Les Éditions CEC ensures the exclusive Canadian dissemination of works by Hachette Éducation, Cabrilog and EnClave.