Terms and conditions


Acceptance of an order

Email reception of the order confirmation does not automatically mean that Les Éditions CEC inc. (CEC) accepts the said order and is not a commitment confirmation towards the sale of the products mentioned.

CEC reserves the right to refuse to do business with a client and/or set a quantity limit for any item of an order without prior notice. CEC may, at anytime, have to verify personal or credit card information before accepting an order.

Out-of-stock product

An out-of-stock product is a product that is missing to complete an order. The product can have been ordered without yet being available, be missing or be discontinued (the case being, you will be advised at a later time).

CEC posts all products that can be ordered. Please note that these products are not necessarily part of the available stocks. Should CEC have to wait for out-of-stock products, your order shipment may be delayed.

CEC does not guarantee the availability of any product offered on its site. You can cancel your order at anytime, prior to the site’s reception of the out-of-stock products by communicating with CEC’s Customer Service. CEC is not responsible for any damage that you may suffer because of stock-out.

Product description

CEC and its affiliates do everything in their power to ensure the greatest accuracy on the site. That said, CEC does not guarantee that the product description or any other content on its site is accurate, complete, reliable, up to date and mistake-proof.


The prices shown are in Canadian dollars, and the applicable taxes are added. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in Canadian dollars. CEC reserves the right to change its prices at anytime. Products are always charged according to the prices in effect when the order is saved.


Your purchases must be paid by credit card (MasterCard or Visa), unless you already have an account with CEC. The client agrees to pay the entire cost and the charges stemming from the products bought, including the taxes. CEC can change the price after having advised the client. Only the client is responsible for the effective payment of the products bought. Only the user is responsible for the credit card payment of the service proposed. CEC is not responsible for payment problems linked to the operation of the e-commerce service. In case of a discrepancy between the prices appearing upon confirmation of the order and the ones charged on the credit card, those last prices shall prevail.

Returns and reimbursement

All products bought can be returned within two weeks of the order’s shipping date. Upon receiving the returned products, all sums charged to your credit card by CEC regarding these products, excluding delivery charges, will be credited as soon as possible, as long as the products subject to the return were returned by you and received by CEC in the same condition they were in when they were delivered to you.


Introductory comments

Les Éditions CEC inc. operates the CEC website (the “site”). The present contract constitutes a legal agreement between the site user and Les Éditions CEC inc.

Les Éditions CEC inc. does not make any representations regarding the fact that site elements can be used outside Canada, and that it is forbidden to access the site from territories whose laws prescribe the content or use of the site as illegal. Those who choose to use the site do so of their own will; as such, they are liable for complying with all applicable local laws. All claims relative to the site and elements contained in it, or stemming from the use of the site, are governed by the laws applicable to the territory of the province of Quebec.

Use restrictions


The content (texts, illustrations and images) reproduced on the site is copyrighted as well as the intellectual property law and for the entire world.

Unless otherwise specified in any of the site sections, no site element can be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, posted or transmitted in any way, without the prior written consent of Éditions CEC inc. or the copyright holder. You can post or download site elements but only for non-commercial purposes and as long as you do not edit these elements and keep all the intellectual property notices they contain. Any unauthorized use of the said content can lead to a civil lawsuit and/or a criminal lawsuit.


The trademarks and logos used and posted on the site are trademarks that are registered or not by Éditions CEC inc. or third parties. Nothing on the site can be interpreted in such as way as to allow the direct or indirect use of a trademark reproduced on the site without the prior written consent of the trademark owner.

Your account

If you are registered on the site, you are liable for maintaining the confidentiality of your identity, account and password, and limiting access to your computer. You agree to take on the responsibility for transactions made in your account with your password. Should the confidentiality of this information be compromised, please advise our services as soon as possible to avoid any possible fraudulent use of your identity; Éditions CEC inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting namely from the non-compliance with the safety measures stipulated in the present section.

We suggest reading the liability limitations contained in the present use conditions carefully to take note of the extent of your liabilities regarding the use of the site.

Applicable law

The present contract on the service conditions is governed by the laws applicable in the province of Quebec. You hereby acknowledge that any dispute stemming from or related to the use of the services and site of Éditions CEC inc. will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Montreal district, in the province of Quebec.

Liability limitation

CEC and the site elements are provided as is, with no implicit or explicit warranty. Subject to any public policy law stating the contrary, CEC disclaims any responsibility and does not give any warranty, including warranties for merchantability or fitness for a specific use. Also, CEC does not make representation regarding the use, downloading, validity, precision and reliability of the elements reproduced on the site and regarding the results stemming from the use of such elements. Although Éditions CEC inc. takes whatever means are necessary to ensure that CEC does not contain any mistakes, CEC disclaims any responsibility regarding any mistake that may slip onto the site. Its affiliates, managers, employees, representatives and agents cannot be held liable, at anytime, for any damage directly or indirectly linked to the use of the site namely the loss of data or profit stemming from the use of site elements or the inability to use these elements.

Les Éditions CEC inc. is not liable for the damages, including direct and indirect compensatory damages, or any other damage, whatever its nature, that may have been caused to the users or to any other moral or physical person, by any technical or technological equipment whatsoever on the site or by any human or technical error that may occur at anytime, including technical problems or malfunctions of the electronic system or communication system, online computer systems, servers, computer equipment, software, data transmission or any other technical or traffic problem on the website or other.

Should CEC’s responsibility towards you be retained, it shall be limited to the cash amount equal to the price you paid for the returned products. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in the present article can limit any right you may have as a consumer in accordance with any public policy laws that may apply to you.

Act of God

Les Éditions CEC inc. is not liable for the breach, in part or in whole, of any of its obligations towards you, or for the damages or losses you may suffer, if the breach, damages or losses result from an act of God or from a circumstance over which it has no control.