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Both a teaching tool and an activity book, Paragraphes aims to improve the writing skills of intermediate or advanced students of French as a second language.

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Maria Popica, Isabelle Ste-Marie

The purpose of Paragraphes is to give learners theoretical concepts and effective techniques for planning, writing and revising the various types of texts they’ll be asked to produce in school and the workplace. To those ends, it offers

  • theoretical concepts, accompanied by exercises to improve vocabulary and sentence structure,
  • techniques for writing different types of texts,
  • revision and correction strategies,
  • varied writing exercises whose degree of difficulty increases gradually within each chapter, and
  • literature search and text comprehension strategies.

The book is divided into 2 main sections.

The first section, Notions d’écriture, offers a summary of the essential knowledge needed to improve vocabulary, sentences and the overall text.

The second section, La rédaction, consists of a theoretical and practical exploration of various text types that students may be called upon to draft in the future: summaries; informative, expressive, narrative and argumentative texts; critical reviews; and explanatory essays.

And lastly, rounding off the book are appendices presenting strategies to improve spelling, to revise and correct texts, and to search the literature, as well citation rules.

In addition, MyCECZone is provided for free when you order the collection.

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This Series is available in digital format
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In the classroom, you can do the following with the digital version of this book:

  • Project and flip through the pages of the book in class
  • Pull up the correction key of each page
  • View the content and additional exercises from the teacher’s copy
  • Automatically save your personal notes
  • Consult relevant Web links
  • Insert your own Web links on every page


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